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What is most profitable business can be done with small or medium investment for certain profit?

What is most profitable business can be done with small or medium investment for certain profit?

May 23, 2014

Many small, medium and large business entrepreneurs have asked me  several questions like what is most profitable business , what type of business can be done in Dubai, business in USA, business in Canada, business in UK, business in Australia, business in Malaysia or Asia with small or medium capital. For them, I have a list of business ideas. It only depends on the application of business plans and marketing strategies from professional management consulting firms like TWCMSI. If you are an investor, you may contact us directly using your email or cell phone, we’ll be able to help you in this regard. Please have a look at the business list:

  1. Drinks Cafe /Juice bar (Drinking and snacks )
  2. Guest House  (For Rental Income)
  3. Hotel/Restaurant (Foods business )
  4. Bakery ( To produce cakes, biscuits, pastry etc.)
  5. Gifts Shop   (An exclusive gifts shop for you!) /Gifting Services
  6. Seasonal Items Shop ( Say in Winter and Summer Umbrella , Jackets or warm clothes etc)
  7. Digital Marketing Agency/Marketing Agency (Who will help you to boost your sales! ) Fresh students may recruit commission basis for other guys products selling and business development in whole city area)
  8. Cleaning & Removal services Agency ( We clean your office , house etc daily, weekly or on an instant order with our cleaner staff and reduce your cost!)
  9. Day Care Center (Baby should stay here with great nursing, and mom can take home at evening etc)
  10. Travel Agent & Tour Guide services / Adventure Tourism
  11. Boutique business dealing mainly in ladies wears and stuffs. This can be supplemented with
    men’s wears, children’s and babies stuffs.
  12. GSM accessories and phone business.
  13. Poultry / pet / livestock business concentrating on
    chickens, turkeys, pigs, snails, fishes, goats, dogs, pigeons and canaries.
  14. DVD / VCD / movie selling business.
  15. Electronics products / electrical parts business. This
    business is very nice but may require huge capital to start up.
  16. Stock fish and ice fish importation / wholesale business. (From Chittagong or Sea coastal area we can do it and can export it to foreign countries)
  17. Beauty Care Products/Health and Wellness Products
  18. Mineral Water /Drinking water company  /Bottled water production
  19. WHOLE SELLER business  ( Only Distributor in Sylhet city area)
  20. Importer & Supplier ( We may Import From China,  Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia , from Bangladesh Ready mate garments etc)
  21. Junior School /Children’s Educational Services- Play Group to Class 8 (Teaching style with extra home care !)
  22. Stockiest business ( Keep goods in your warehouse and sell them when price is up)
  23. Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary ware and Sanitary accessories business
  24.  Printing press (Where you may print digital products, flyers, banners, visiting cards, Book covers, Invitation cards, ID Cards, Bill board design and printing, Leaflet printing, Magazine Design, Ads design, Sticker printing, Memo, Money receipt printing, Calendar printing, Poster design and printing and so on)
  25. Laundry business (Iron customer’s clothes and washing etc.)
  26. Deliveries/Driver (Carrying others stuffs )
  27. Dental Clinics
  28. Health Care Clinics/Diagnostic Center
  29. Law Firms /Auditing Firms
  30. Manufacturing industry (Small or large Scales)
  31. Photo studio / Photography 
  32. Medicine Pharmacy
  33. Shipping and Courier /Parcel Delivery services worldwide and so on.

The list above is made after a deep research by me but you may visit category wise to find your desired business name here:



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