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User Agreement

This TWCMSI User Agreement (the “Agreement”) is a contract between you (the “User/ Freelancer/Client”) and Thoughtwares Consulting & Multi Services International (TWCMSI). As a registered user (User/ Freelancer/Client) you’ll abide by the terms & Conditions of Service on this page and it’ll be treated that you have already accepted this agreement.

Purpose of the (TWCMSI) Platform:

The TWCMSI Platform matches Employers- Clients and Freelancers Job on demand so that they can finish or get their Service requirements via online within set deadlines. Under this user Agreement, TWCMSI provides services to both Employer- Clients and Freelancers/Job Seekers.

Why TWCMSI? We observed that the valued Employers-Clients are facing troubles while recruiting contractors/freelancers from freelancing marketplaces as they’re charging service charge high likely 8% – 15%. No hourly jobs! We accept Only FIXED TERM job order and clients aren’t getting high level freelancers instantly as they haven’t much time in hand to post jobs online, to deal with freelancers, hiring or prices/rates bargaining, skills & experiences issues etc. You’ll pay to us (TWCMSI) and we’ll pay to freelancers/contractors/Team members.


Our fees are very competitive, affordable rates, cost effective and money saving. Please see the Service packs for best prices or contact us.

Client Payment Terms:

*** At the initial stage for every job order 25% upfront/Advance payment required. Secondly, the 50 % payment has to make during mid time & finally rest 25% or final payment after submission of deliverables. Alternatively 100% work assignment values can be paid at a time during job order placement. THANKS in Advance.

**** For stronger business/working relationship we have a Job Agreement form, mutually we can sign with seal due to establish secure work.

Eligibility of Freelancers:

Freelancers may join with us freely from anywhere of the world at any time but you have to have required skills, abilities, experiences (listed in to the site). We’ll closely monitor every sign up details before storing into database permanently. Admin deserves the right to remove or cancel freelancer’s registration if they don’t meet the required level of skills.

Eligibility of Employers- Clients:

We (TWCMSI) strongly believe that Employers – Clients are the soul of our business. You just need to register/sign up freely with us. And fill up the “JOB ORER FORM” if there are any jobs. Alternatively you may meet us using the contact page. Select your desired service from contact page and send/submit it accordingly.

Identity of freelancers:

During sign ups/registration of freelancers you’re requested to provide your National Identity/Passport/Photo ID card’s color scanning image as well as Skype online interview (if needed).

Employer- Client Payments and Billing:

Employer- Client will pay directly to TWCMSI’s authorized Moneybookers/Skrill/Payza/Paypal/Western Union/Bank/Master Card accounts only.

Billing issues, for every service we managed we’ll provide invoice to clients/employers.

Employer- Client Deliverables:

After completion of the job order we (TWCMSI) will deliver the client deliverables directly to Employer/Client via E-mail or any other electronic mediums.

Termination of a Service Contract/Job Order:

In case of termination of service/Job order or refunding money, 25% of service charge will be deducted from the total project value and rest of amount we’ll refund you via online money transfer.

Work Restrictions & Prohibitions:

Employers-Client and Freelancers won’t be able to insist for any illegal services to us (TWCMSI) such as adult /pornographic contents writing, illegal/smuggling trading business assignment etc. and any other blogging jobs those may hamper any countries laws and order or goes against any religious communities/race is strictly prohibited.  If any freelancer conducting these jobs then we (TWCMSI) aren’t liable for this task, s/he individually is responsible for it.

Privacy Policies:

We (TWCMSI) shall not share Employer-Clients personal/business information to others. Please keep in a secure place your user ID and Password concerned with TWCMSI, don’t share with each other.

Legal Issues:

We (TWCMSI) deserve the right to maintain Local Government imposes legal issues, taxes, VAT (Value Added Taxes) etc.

General User Instructions/Policies:

  1. Our freelancers are not responsible to complete any projects independently unless we (TWCMSI) assigned them or immediately build a team/group.

We (TWCMSI) strongly monitor each and every project assignment in order to maintain a 100 % quality of work until satisfied by clients. So, the project success ratio is very high here.

  1. Employers-Clients are highly requested to fill up the “JOB ORDER FORM” in order to submit assignment, please clearly mention your job requirements, deadlines, work directions, contact telephone/Cellular numbers, E-mail, Website, Skype ID etc. Alternatively you may send Job Order forms as attachment via E-mail.
  2. (TWCMSI) team members/groups are fully dedicated to serve the assigned projects to them.
  1.  Freelancers those who aren’t capable to manage projects assigned to them are requested to contact directly to (TWCMSI) admin.
  1. Employers-Clients are advised to directly deal with a TWCMSI Admin if any monetary or financial issues arises.
  1.  We (TWCMSI) don’t deal with any other agencies from around the world, we (TWCMSI) only deal with Employers –Clients of different small, medium and large type organization located internationally.
  1. For avoiding spamming incidents, we (TWCMSI) will only communicate with you from our contact numbers, Skype, Yahoo, Email address mentioned in the website ( ).


Contacting Us

If you have any queries regarding the aforesaid Terms/Privacy Policy, you may contact us by email at or

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