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Get your desired degree / certificate from the world renowned Universities via Distance Learning / E-Learning in Work Experience , Life Experience , Research based, Academic degrees, non academic degrees, Embassy recognized , Globally accepted Certifications from France, UK, USA, Asian Universities:

  1. GEPEA EUROPE “Global Educational & Professional Excellence Academy”.

An European international Academy for Distance Learning, Online Education. Quality Assurance Certified from >>>> ,   <<<<

GEPEA accepts APEL ( Accredited Prior Experiential Learning), Previous credits as an exemption for various diploma, degrees such as Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, MPhil, Ph.D., Doctorate degree by prior publication, Ph.D. by thesis, MBA, BBA, MSC, BSC Engineering, etc.

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2.  Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon®, ESRDS, 8 Rue Jacquard, Vandoeuvre les Nancy, Lorraine, 54500, France.  Rober De Sorbon

KNOW free from Us : How to get a degree through your Work/Life Experience?  Using the VAE Procedure *** Skype ID: biz_hr_management_consultant , WhatsApp/Imo Number: +88-01611216622. E-Mail: 

All The diplomas, from any areas (majors) are approved by VAE jury will render its decision. If positive, they SORBON FRANCE UNIVERSITY will directly send you the certificates & documents : a)  Degree in French. (the French Law forbids to mention that it is based on work experience)
b)  Diploma supplement in English
 following the UNESCO/CEPES model.  and UNESCO/CEPES model Diploma supplement if granted will be sent registered Courier.    * For each application the student should provide:


– Documents, Certificate of Employment, Salary stub, affidavit, publications, newspaper article, affidavit from co-workers, etc., that document work experience. All those documents should be in French or English languages or translated in one of these two languages. Copies of diploma or transcripts of previous Studies (if existing). 


For the following degrees ROBERT DE SORBON, FRANCE awards to the eligible applicants only: University use the formula i.e : 3 years of qualified work experience = 1 year of University studies.


Associate-Cycle universitaire de 2 ans (UNESCO ISCED code 5): May be considered equivalent to a US Associate Degree  from a regionally accredited Institution of Higher education. Requirements: 6 years of work experience or completion of one year of University studies + 3 years of work experience.

Bachelor Cycle universitaire de 3 ans: (UNESCO ISCED code 6):May be considered equivalent to a US Bachelor Degree, a Laurea (Italy) or a Vordiplom (Germany)  from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.  The total of University studies (Regular or/and through the work experience formula) should be 3 years.

M.A., M.Sc., MBA, Magistère, LL.M. (UNESCO ISCED code 7): May be considered equivalent to a US Master from a regionally accredited institution of higher education as well as a UK Master Degree, Kandidate Naouk (Russia),The total of University studies (Regular or/and through the work experience formula) should be 5 Years.

 Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) UNESCO ISCED code 8) Our VAE jurymay grant such degree if you have only 6 years of professional experience after the Master, 12 years after a Bachelor and 21 years if you have no higher education diploma.

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy (UNESCO ISCED code 8): May be considered equivalent to a PhD./Dottorato/Dr. Naouk. The total of University studies (regular or through the work experience formula) should be 8 years minimum. Could be also granted through the VAE  see the French page of our colleagues.

Post Doctoral Degree (HDR). For Doctorate  degree holders or equivalent) having done Research/Articles/Publications etc.

VAE (Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience) EQUIVALENCY TABLE:

Sorbon Experience and Degree classification



3. Commonwealth Open University (COU, British Virgin Islands, UK, International Information Center, Spain)

COU logo

The COU provides adult continuing education. It was developed to meet the needs of adults by offering non-resident degree and other programs on an international basis. The programs have been organized and developed using as a starting point the “off-campus” external degree concept tried and tested by the various “universities without walls”.

As an institution of distance learning, The COU has been able to assemble a faculty of recognized experts from throughout the global marketplace. Commonwealth Open University is an international institution registered and established in the British Virgin Islands (U.K.), which has many students all over the world. The COU educational programs are acknowledged as the foremost, with an excellent academic reputation.


Undergraduate foundation courses

1100-00 History
1110-00 Art History
1120-00 English Literature
1130-00 History of Music
1140-00 Philosophy
1150-00 Jewish Studies

2100-00 Management
2110-00 Marketing
2120-00 Strategic Planning
2130-00 Human Resources
2140-00 Information Technology
2150-00 Tourism

3100-00 Psychology
3110-00 Economics
3120-00 Sociology
3130-00 Geography
3140-00 Anthropology
3150-00 Education
3160-00 International Relations

4100-00 Mathematics
4110-00 Physics
4120-00 Chemistry
4130-00 Biology
4140-00 Ecology
4150-00 Botany
4160-00 Zoology
4170-00 Geology
4180-00 Astronomy
4190-00 Diet and Nutrition
4380-00 Anatomy
4390-00 Physiology

All undergraduate foundation courses are currently rated as 20 points including subjects of levels one, two, and three.

Master’s degrees

MA in Psychology
MA in Sociology
MA in Anthropology
MA in English Literature
MA in History
MA in Art History
MA in African History
MA in Education
MA in Philosophy
MA in Social Policy
MA in International Relations
MA in Criminology
MA in Jewish Studies
MA in History of Music

MSc in Management
MSc in Project Management
MSc in Marketing
MSc in Tourism Management
MSc in Economics
MSc in Mathematics
MSc in Environmental Sciences
MSc in Oceanography
MSc in Information Technology
MSc in Organizational Behavior
MSc in Sport Management
MSc in Healthcare Management
MSc in Corporate Finance
MSc in Security Studies
MSc in Public Relations
MSc in Genetics
MSc in Development Studies
MSc in Human Nutrition

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Divinity

MSc in Medical Ultrasound (Affiliate Program)


Doctor’s degrees

The research doctoral degree is designed to prepare one for scholarship, systematic inquiry and research. These PhD degrees require 50 points beyond the master’s. Send us copies of your transcripts and we will develop a customized degree plan stating exactly what is needed to complete your doctorate in the shortest time and least cost.

We offer PhD degrees in English Literature, Education, History, Art History, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Anthropology, International Relations, Social Policy, Jewish Studies, Environmental Sciences, Information Technology, Economics, Corporate Finance, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Management, Project Management, Accounting and Finance, Public Relations, Tourism, Human Nutrition, and Interdisciplinary Studies. We also offer Doctor of Business Administration and Doctor of Divinity degree programs.


Honorary degrees

The Commonwealth Open University has designated its honorary degrees as “Doctor of the University” (D.Univ.) and “Master of the University” (M.Univ.). The recipients receive them because of their success and major achievements in their chosen profession, or their service to their community or the world. Applications for potential candidates are always welcome.


Grading system

The COU awards letter grades as follows:

A Superior 4 grade points
B Average 3 grade points
C Passing 2 grade points
D Poor 1 grade point
F Failure 0 grade point

A grade point average of 3.0 is required for graduation. Learners who fail may retake examinations upon successful application to the Director of Education and payment of a re-exam fee.


4. Commonwealth Vocational University [CVU, Kingdom of Tonga (Oceania)]. University holds a permanent campus also offers educational curriculum through distance learning.

CVU offers different programs from several disciplines such as the School of business management, School of information technology, School of Film & Media, School of Sports, etc.  Bachelor’s degree to Doctoral degree /Honorary Doctorate programs available.  CVU logo CVU

5. Asian European University [AEU, London, UK]. University offers a complete educational curriculum through distance learning globally.

AEU offers different programs such as Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Doctorate Degree, Honorary Award from several disciplines such as the Business Administration & Management, Science, Arts etc.

Bachelor Degree: Upon completion of 12 courses and a dissertation of 12000 words, a candidate is eligible to receive a bachelor’s degree.

Master Degree: Upon completion of 18 courses and a dissertation of 18000 words, a candidate is eligible to receive a master’s degree.

Doctorate Degree: Upon completion of 18 courses and a dissertation of 25000 words, a candidate is eligible to receive a doctorate degree.

Asian European University logo


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