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How to write an article

How to write an article

May 11, 2015

Article is the best writing
Very easy for you,
Follow the below steps
You can write though you are new. ***

Article is a well known and favorable matter in this present world. Here I will show you the secrets about how to write an article in unique way. If you can grasp this technique, you can write for a magazine, newspaper or for your reader. Here are few essential steps to write an attractive and informative article.

Method 1 of 3: Come Up With an plan

1 Get to know your viewers.

When you make your mind to write an article, consider about the reader. When you write for an academic audience, you must make a plan. Because your writing plan need to change depending on the viewers. Academic writing, pre-teens writing and another writing article style is different from each other.

2 Recognize the desires of your readership.

What do your readers want to know? How does a writer’s own knowledge match with the readers wish information? This shall assist a writer to fix on a topic to write about. By this way you can widely research information.

* Notice how other authors write articles on parallel topic for similar readers. Learn from these writers about their style and their way to write a best article.
Unique article

If you choose an article about any topic that other people are also write many things concerning it, attempt to be write a unique article using materials. When you write, remember about your topic. Because when you want to create it unique, you can’t go distant from your topic. This will attract your readers and they will come back to read your article.

• Write your topic in a technique that no one has ever written concerning it earlier than you. You may take a more diagram approach, a similar tone, or any quantity of other techniques of changing the objects.
• Get new thoughts to the topic. Make suggestion or give information that other doesn’t have. This shall provide people the interest to read your valuable work.

Be passionate about your work

You should choose on those topics you yourself are fine at. Your passion shall confirm in your writing and it will be much interesting for your readers. They may aware regarding anything by reading your writing which they did not be concerned about earlier.

Method 2 of 3: Research Your plan

According to your keyword /keywords phrases or title research on web/google and find the relevant sources to produce articles on your target. You may research based on your SEO keywords for a better ranking/results on google or other search engine in order to boost your business.

1 Learn the essentials
Get the general knowledge about your topic which you want to write. This will give you a basic idea for what to look for as you write. You can study newspaper articles or a book, use a website like Wikipedia
2 Find consistent sources.

Now you know your research topic and what you want to find out. You can use the library; perform interviews, the internet or whatever is appropriate according to your research.

• Online help you to do research. You should be suspicious. Describe only from dependable sources like newspapers, government websites or university websites. Look for information where we find other sources.

3 Get different types of objects.

When you do your research, look for those materials which are not similar to the text. You can take photograph which is similar to your text, or use another thing which helps your reader to understand about your article. By these materials, they will feel more interest to read your article.

Method 3 of 3: Start Your Article

1 chooses your length.
Does this article have a word limitation? Do you need to count pages? Think about your content and space. Make a plan on the topic’s need. Before writing an article, make a good plan.
2 Summarize your article.

Before you start your formal writing, you need to summarize your article. By this summery, you shall understand which data is more appropriate where and help you identify where information need to give.

Pay awareness to technique, arrangement and tone of voice.

You will want to write with awareness to technique, arrangement and tone of voice which make logic for the article you are trying to write. Calculate your audience and prepare your method to attract your audience.

4 Review your work.

Before you propose your work, you should do some checking and review. If you have time, wait for one or two days. This will help you to think about it and you will get more information in your brain. You need to read it again and again to find out your mistakes. If you read loudly, it will help you.

So you need to write an appropriate article. Because nobody never appreciate a weakly written article. If you follow these rules, you will be able to write a successful article.

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