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How to write a marketing plan

How to write a marketing plan

Dec 10, 2014

A professional marketing plan is life blood of any business. Marketing plan is very widely used by marketing departments of the corporate organizations and start up companies. A marketing plan helps to develop small, medium and large business certainly. Very first of all you have to know how to design a marketing strategy, what should be the components in it, what will be the pricing strategies for your product or service etc.

Here is a very simple marketing plan goes to you from TWCMSI.ORG :-

Though there are many ways to develop a marketing plan and strategies so you may apply the following one.

A very new format on how to write a marketing plan :

* Executive Summary
* Objective (Set your marketing objective)
* Mission , Vision of your marketing plan ( Fix your business marketing mission , vision )
* Situation analysis (Analyze the current situation of market , product , competitors etc.)
* Think about target audience (Who will be yours potential consumers, buyers)
* Marketing Strategies ( Set up your all brand new marketing strategies with a team discussion)
* Tactical Programs ( Strategic plan and identify what are the steps or tactics needed to achieve the marketing goals.)
* Distribution Plan (How you will distribute your products to the consumers or buyers)
* Consider Online Marketing Strategies ( Use Social Medias, Google Ad words, SEO and submission to the business directories etc.)
* Financial Budget ( Keep your sufficient budget to run your marketing campaign and promotion, advertising etc.)
* Performance analysis ( Analyze the potential performance of your marketing in different channels)
* Additional consideration say Joint Ventures and Partnership Option, Affiliate Programs, Referral strategies ( Apply some additional techniques to see the success of your marketing process, plan)
* Implementation

Why marketing plan needed to produce, do you know?

The answer is it helps in yearly marketing planning process.

It is an component of a business plan so, to the financial committee this plan is an considerable point.

Penetrating in to a new market, new product planning, to fix up the problem with existing marketing plan and so on.

Free marketing plan resources available here. Free marketing templates.

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