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How to drive traffic to your website

How to drive traffic to your website

Nov 24, 2014

In this blog I will show you the most actionable ideas on driving traffic to your website or blog site. As a business owner if you have lacking in website traffic position then it will be the most common challenges for you. Many recent reports showing the frequent lost of web traffic over the past one year and two. So, business owner continuously are seeking for a new ways on how to drive relevant traffic to their website or blog site to generate leads.

This blog is an effort to provide business owners and marketers actionable tips on getting traffic to their website or blog site.

1. Develop an exceptional and responsive website
2. Add a live chat to offer timely customer support
3. Add a forum on website
4. Use Google Adwords for PPC advertising
5. Connect, interact on comments and communicate with your social friends
6. Start a Facebook group to drive traffic
7. Advertise your website in classified ad posting sites, web directories etc.
8. Enlist your business website URL in,,,,
9. Submit blog posts to StumbleUpon
10. Promote blog posts via your email list used as newsletter subscribe
11. Develop your article or blog headlines
12. Focus on long-tail keywords
13. Target your niche and audience , post relevant blogs or articles
14. Join a blogging community such as CopyBlogger or ProBlogger
15. Include links to other related posts on your blog
16. Publish guest post on relevant blogs
17. Become a contributor on a well known website
18. Optimize your existing posts for Search Engine
19. Submit your website details in various search engine like or directly you can submit with , , , 15 Popular Search Engines here..
20. Post your blogs or articles more frequently
21. Submit your posts to Reddit , digg , delicious or other high PR social bookmarking sites
22. Post your tweets in twitter account to influence your followers
23. Rise word of mouth and tell your friends, colleague about your site
24. Make sure you have every relevant keyword on your site
25. Always post like a top 10 website post
26. Build the most of Facebook links
27. Add text to your blog post images
28. Design infographics for your business and publish it
29. Become a member of Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups
30. Connect with active bloggers who are already sending you traffic
31. Request a well known blogger to guest post on your site
32. Add your website or blog site to Alltop
33. Participate in Answer Questions services in, ,, etc and provide your URL reference.
34. Contact influential bloggers
35. Make proper use of blog categories
36. Video and Audio lists :, ,,, , , etc.
37. Comment on industry blogs that is related to your business
38. Interview influencers in your niche
39. Share your blog posts regularly on Facebook (social medias Fan Page)
40. Share your posts on Triberr , twitter
41. Add your blog to Technorati
42. Use content marketing as content is the king
43. Add your website URL in your E-mail signature
44. Start E-mail marketing campaign
45. Enhance With Multimedia
46. Be active in Social Media

When anyone applies the aforesaid website traffic driving tips then s/he will get results soon. Keep up your hard working!

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