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E-Learning Programs

There are lot of E-Learning Programs and certifications available for local and global learners.

ডিজিটাল যুগে নিজেকে শিক্ষা ও প্রশিক্ষণে একধাপ এগিয়ে রাখুন!!!

ThoughtWares E-Learning is an initiative of ThoughtWares Consulting & MSI which plays a key role with supporting of all type of E-Learning tools to get your confirmed desired degrees from abroad in the following areas: [ Dual certificates available for some courses]

  • IT (Information Technology) Certifications    [ Diploma or Short Certificates, Any/Customize programs available]
  • Hotel & Hospitality Management , Tourism & Hospitality Management  [ Diploma or Short Certificates, Any/Customize programs available]
  • MBA, BBA, Business Studies / Business Management / Business Administration
  • English Writing,  Speaking & Listening Training  [For the weak students or peoples]
  • Accounting Short Courses  ( JOB ORIENTED)
  • Other courses available that demands you today!  [ Contact us for more details]

    ঠিকানাঃ ৪৯/৫ নীলিমা আ/এ, নীচ তলা, খুলিয়াপাড়া, সিলেট-৩১০০।


E-learning Thoughtwares

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