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Stand out from the crowd! চার্টার্ড সার্টিফিকেশন্স সহজে গ্রহণ করে নিজেকে চাকরি নামক প্রতিযোগীতায় এগিয়ে রাখুন! Say you submitted your job application to the employer where more than a thousand candidates applied for a post….. but you don’t have such international qualification or chartered certifications or chartered membership in your professional area then you have a little chance to get positive feedback from potential employer! If you have different eye-catchy and precious certification/degree then you will be called for facing an interview! That means personal brands perform well during the job search and certified professionals earn more, that’s reality and amazing! If you have gained local degrees or being graduated also this is useful. In this situation, our suggestion is that, please enroll or take admission in the CHARTERED CERTIFICATIONS OR CHARTERED MEMBERSHIP চার্টার্ড সার্টিফিকেশন্স “Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers”  OR  “CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF CORPORATE TREASURERS”  OR “Chartered Institute of Labor & Human Resource Managers CILHRM ” OR “Chartered Institute of Sales and Marketing “.

We are TWCMSI is an CIPFM’s USA Affiliate Membership Services & Certification Provider in Bangladesh, and Europe, Internationally. Pls. see our Approval Letter here –>>> CIPFM Affiliation Letter – USA .

Have a look on the following certifications and membership services:


  • Chartered Financial Manager CFM
  • Chartered Treasury Associate
  • Chartered Treasury Manager
  • Master Certificate in Treasury Management
  • Master Certificate in Fraud Investigations & Management
  • Chartered Fraud Controller
  • Chartered Investment Fellow


MEMBERSHIP SERVICES:  The CIPFM Global awards includes following memberships:-

  • Associate- ACFM (Chartered Associate)    –>> USD$ 695
  • Fellow- FCFM (Fellow of Chartered Financial Manager)  –>> USD$ 895 
  • Honorary Fellow – HonFCFM (Honorary Chartered Fellows–>> USD$ 995
  • Doctoral Fellow –>> USD$ 1095

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES:  The Chartered Institute of Labor & Human Resource Managers CILHRM formerly the (Chartered Institute of Labor & Industrial Relations) USA, the award includes the following memberships:-

  • Associate- ACILHRM (Chartered Associate)    –>> USD$ 695
  • Fellow- FCILHRM (Fellow of Chartered ILHRM)  –>> USD$ 895 
  • Honorary Fellow – HonFCFM (Honorary Chartered Fellows–>> USD$ 995
  • Doctoral Fellow – DCILHRM  –>> USD$ 1095
  • CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP –>> USD$ 2095 [Kindly request us for details]
  • Doctoral Fellow: This grade of membership is conferred on senior academic from Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor and above with extensive research in labor relations or Human Resources Management . This grade of membership is equally available researchers in research institutions with track records in HR & labor matters. Highly experience professionals with track records and Those elevated from the Fellow grade.
  • Chartered Fellow (FCILHRM) We offer this membership grade to ASSOCIATES or those nominated highly skilled professionals with more than 20years’ experience in labor Relations, Human Resources Management or related fields. They may occupy senior management position in their organization or in labor unions or consulting.SHRM Senior Certified Professional, PIHRA professional members including academics with extensive research in Labor Relations and Human Resources management, Health & Safety, labor law etc. can also apply for this grade. Holders of MBA or Our Master Certificate in Labor Relations, Human Resources management etc. Fellows are nominated.


MEMBERSHIP SERVICES:  The Chartered Institute of Corporate Treasurers USA, award includes following memberships:-

  • Associate Chartered Treasurer (ACT)   –>> Annual: USD$ 495 , Life Associate: $795
  • Fellow Chartered Treasurer (FCT) –>> Annual : Fellow  FCT Membership Fee: USD$ 595, Life Membership: $795
  • CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP –>> USD$ 2095 [Kindly request us for details]

Chartered Institute of Sales and Marketing USA awards following memberships:- 

  • AIPFM join as Lifetime Associate (ACSM)
  • FIPFM join as Lifetime Fellow (FCSM)
  • DFPFM join as Lifetime Doctoral Fellow (DFCSM)
  • Certified Professional Marketing Manager (CPMM)
  • Certified Professional Sales Manager (CPSM)

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All certificates and transcripts will come from USA, UK or concerned institutes located worldwide. So, TRY TODAY FOR ACCREDITED DEGREE CERTIFICATES. 

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certificate sample

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Chartered Institute of Labor & Human Resource Managers,
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