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biz setup in DUBAI, UAE

We  support  International Business owner or entrepreneur  to  register their companies  in  UAE  and in the gulf countries/middle east   throughout  100% ownership  of any type of your business.  Also you have privilege to get   3 (Three)   years  residency  within UAE.  So whether you are looking for setting up your Branch office, LLC, Free Zone, Offshore Company Or selling and buying a running business, Feasibility study, Business Plan, Marketing or Management Consultancy in UAE, we will be ready to make the right operations in your behalf.  Also please note that   we have professional services for International/off-shoring Business Setup in multiple countries for you. Please feel  free  to send  us   your   questions   with  what type  of   business  setup  you really want in UAE/Middle East  and also  we  would  be more than  happy  to  professionally guide you   with having a  free quote.

Do not hesitate to reach us at UAE via E-mail: , Call to +971-508748761 , Say Hello Using WhatsApp, Viber, IMO  +880-1611216622 (Hotline), Website:,  Skype ID:  biz_hr_management_consultant






Immigration and Business setup to Europe or Shenzhen countries is a very attractive option for many business men. We’re here to gladly help you in Business Immigration for European countries, Shenzhen countries respectively.

The documents necessary to obtain Greek citizenship and Immigration or Schengen Business VISA, candidate requires:

  • Personal data on behalf of a candidate for citizenship.
  • Certificate good health confirmation certificate/test.
  • Certificate of absence the criminal record.
  • Confirmation of the Orthodox faith and Greek origin/ Eu countries.
  • An application of the employer and the labor contract.
  • Certificate stating that the applicant for citizenship accepted into the army in Greece or Eu countries.
  • For refugees – proof of persecution in their homeland.
  • The presence of significant achievements in science, sports, art.
  • Documents confirming the fact of legal residence in Greece for the required period.
  • Proof of payment of all duties and taxes.
  • Proof of business in Greece or Eu countries.
  • Sufficient funds to live in Greece or Eu countries.
  • Other documents if necessary.

For more information please contact us at  Telephone#  +8801611216622 (Hotline), Email: , OR  , Skype# biz_hr_management_consultant



We assist to find the profitable business opportunities if you wish to invest in a JV (Joint Venture)/Partnership industry at overseas.

Joint Venture Partnerships



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We accept following payment methods. If you’re ready to pay please email us we’ll provide you desired e-mail to send money!  Thanks for your patience for a secure transaction indeed!

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